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Because Life Goes On     Printer friendly version Parenting through Separation and Divorce
Candle Story What to do when it seems there isn't enough love to go around.
Communication Barriers An exercise designed to improve your chances of communicating more effectively.
Co-parenting Journal Learn how to make and use a Co-parenting Journal to improve the flow of information between mom's house and dad's. 
Co-parenting Resources A zip file that includes several excellent co-parenting articles and resources. [To download 'right click' the title and select "Save Target As"]
Dealing with the Ex: Dos and Don'ts How to communicate effectively with your prior spouse.
Effective Stepparenting How to be an effective rather than a misguided stepparent.
Expectations Important tips about your expectations, and the expectations of others in your stepfamily.
Family Meetings A step-by-step guide for holding family meetings that really work.
Familymoons Things to consider if you insist on having a "familymoon".
Financial Planning for Stepfamilies Financial planning for stepfamilies.
Financial Solutions for Stepfamilies Some strategies for managing stepfamily finances.
For the Reader Things every stepparent should keep in mind.
Garage A collection of tools and strategies for guys needing to turn a failing relationship around..
How to Build a Relationship With Your Stepchild Many practical points for building a relationship with a stepchild.
How to Find a Stepfamily Counselling Specialist A short video (1 min 37 sec) that will help you to find a qualified stepfamily counsellor.
How to Help Kids Cope With Divorce The DOs and DON'Ts.
How to Make Shuttling Between Households Easier Twenty-one practical strategies to make shuttling between households easier for everyone.
Individual, Couple and Family Therapy: A Consumer's Guide When you should look for a therapist and how to find the right one for your circumstances.
Introducing Your Partner to Your Children A step-by-step guide for getting adults and children acquainted.
Mediating Agreement       Printer friendly version What you need to know and do about visitation, custody, and post divorce parenting.
Parenting Plan What a parenting plan is, and a downloadable booklet to guide you through the task.
Planning to Parent Stepchildren Essential points to consider before moving in together.
Post Divorce Parenting Links to a collection of articles focusing upon post divorce parenting
Planning to Parent Stepchildren Essential points to consider before moving in together.
Problem Co-parent How to manage with a problematic co-parent.
Problem List How big are your stepfamily problems?  Compare them with those of couples taking our courses.
Relationship Test A short questionnaire that will tell you if your relationship is in need of attention.
Stepfamily Facts Central facts about stepfamilies.
Stepfamily Specific Problems A selection of problems that appear in stepfamilies, but not biological families.
Understanding a Child's Realities Excellent information on the needs and issues children at different age levels present.
What You Didn't Want to Hear About Post-Divorce Conflict Frank, research-based information about post-divorce conflict, and strategies to resolve it.

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