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  • If you don’t do things to “fill yourself up”, you’ll have little to give to anyone else.

  • Your actions largely dictate the way others will respond.  It's very difficult to change others, but you can choose the way you are going to act/react.

  • Taking the “high road” is always a good choice.

  • Don’t use your children as your emotional support. Develop supportive relationships with adults.

  • Don’t anoint a child as “the man” or “the woman” of the house. This will create a little tyrant who is without wisdom.

  • If it's a problem or an "issue" for your partner, it's also a problem/issue for you. 

  • Seek first to understand—but in the mean time, assume the “benevolent motive".  It holds that if you truly understood the situation the way the other does, that you would react in a manner very similar to the way they have been, or are reacting.  In other words, before "giving them a piece of your mind", try your level best to see the situation from their point of view.

  • Focus on the positive. Find good things to say, and say them often.

  • There is always enough love to go around. 

  • Keep your humour and use it often.

  • Things will get better.

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