Co-parenting Journal

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What is it?

The Co-parenting Journal is an idea that was borne out of necessity. Its originator asked us to:

a) share information regarding its creation, construction and use with you, and

b) invite you to use it to foster improved communication with your prior spouse.


In accordance with a court order, the children involved were shuttling, on alternate weeks, between their mom’s and dad’s homes. The parents had been given equal authority over the children, and were directed to collaborate fully in any and all decisions impacting the children. Unfortunately, however, they were having no success in their efforts to communicate with one another. In fact, their attempts to do so appeared to be intensifying the difficulties they were encountering.

Suspecting that their “method” of communicating could be contributing to the problems they were having, one of the parents (the father) developed the Co-parenting Journal. He then a) provided notice that he would no longer engage in any form of communication outside of the Co-parenting Journal, but b) stressed that he was prepared to communicate fully and at length through the Journal.


It took some time, and it was very hard to resist the many “invitations” to return to old ways of doing things, but the pay off was well worth it. All of the involved parties now agree that the Co-parenting Journal is “working great!”.

If you are having similar communication difficulties, consider giving the Co-parenting Journal a try.


To download the Co-parenting Journal to your hard drive, "right click" here and select "Save Target As". Once it is saved to your hard drive, you will be able to open it up in your word processor and print out all of the documents you require.
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