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Absolutely essential information for every stepfamily. This mini book details:

  • four central tasks that your stepfamily must confront and master in order to succeed, and

  • provides a step-by-step recipe for getting the job done.

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Research in Progress

Parenting Styles

The Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta has recently launched a major research study focusing upon stepparenting styles. Click  here to learn more.

Stepparent Self Assessment

Completed! We now have norms for the Stepparent Self Assessment inventory. Click here to try it out.

Family Dynamics

Dion Nowoweiski of Deakin University in Austrailia is currently conducting a research study that focuses upon stepfamily dynamics.

Remarried and Co-parenting

Jennifer Pringle of the University of Victoria will soon report on her study that focuses upon Remarried and Co-parenting.

Courses, Counselling and Consultation

New Offerings

In response to a growing demand, the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta now provides:

  • Video conference courses for stepfamilies
  • Video conference counselling, and
  • Video consultation for professionals.

Click here for more information.

Telephone Consultation Telephone counselling and consultation services are also available. Call (403) 245-5744 for more information or to book a session.

Additional Services and Supports

Ask an Expert

Have your question answered by a stepfamily Expert. Click here to learn how.

The Garage High impact resources for guys. Click here to enter.
Stepfamily MD Resources for checking and managing the health of your stepfamily and couple relationship. Click here to enter.
Size Up Your   Situation

The quizzes, surveys and tests described on this page will help you to identify issues of important concern in your stepfamily, and then direct you to the specific tools, strategies and resources you need to address and resolve them. Click here to enter.

New "How to" Articles


Articles and links that are of particular interest for Canadian stepfamilies.  Click here to view the titles.

Shuttling Between Households  How to make shuttling between households easier for everyone involved . Click here to view the article.
Soon to be Parenting Stepchildren? Essential points for discussion before setting up a household together. Click here to see the article. 
Gender Differences in Parenting Styles A snapshot of how gender based differences in parenting styles can create discipline problems. Click here to learn more.
How to Build a Relationship With Your Stepchild Many practical points for building a relationship with a stepchild. Click here to learn more.
Post-Divorce Conflict  Frank, research-based information about post-divorce conflict, and strategies to resolve it. Click here to view this collection of articles.
The Co-parenting Journal Learn how to make and use a Co-parenting Journal to improve the flow of information between mom's house and dad's. Click here to see how. 
Communication Barriers An exercise designed to improve your chances of communicating more effectively. Click here to learn more.
Familymoons Things to consider if you insist on having a "familymoon". Click here to view the article.


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