Stepfamily MD


What is Stepfamily MD?

When you are not feeling or functioning well, it's generally considered a good idea to go to your physician for a check-up.

Stepfamily MD is a site that will:

1) assess the health of your stepfamily and couple relationship, 

2) identify the major problems that are present, and

2) direct you towards resources to reduce or resolve the problems identified.

Free Screening Tests:

When you go for a check-up, your physician typically completes a number of brief, in-office "screening" tests. These tests tell him/her if things are functioning normally within your body, or if a more extensive evaluation is necessary to determine, conclusively, if a problem is present. 

The screening tests that appear immediately below work in the same way--they will tell you if your results are in the "normal" range or if a more comprehensive evaluation is necessary.

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Take the Relationship Test to see if your relationship is in good health or in need of attention. The Relationship Test is provided free of charge by Helpmetrics. Your results will be instantly available.

Complete the Problem List to see how the scope and intensity of the problems you are having compare with the problems other stepfamilies are having. Scoring of the Problem List is free. Your results will be instantly available.

Take the Stress Test to see if your stress is adequately managed or in need of attention. It's free and your results will be instantly available.

Complete the Stepparent Self Assessment to see (and monitor) how well you are mastering a wide range of challenges inherent in the stepparent role. It's free and your results will be instantly available.

Comprehensive Evaluations and Prescriptions:

Whenever a patient's screening test results fall outside of the "normal" range, the physician orders one or more specialized tests to arrive at a clear diagnosis. Once a clear diagnosis is established, the physician is then in a position to prescribe an appropriate treatment.

The tests that appear immediately below are very specialized. They were developed exclusively for identifying and addressing stepfamily issues and concerns.  A small scoring fee is charged for each by the developer, Helpmetrics, who: 

a) makes access to these online tests available on this site, 

b) completes the scoring and interpretation of your answers, and 

c) provides an electronic report of the results and recommendations (that you can print out and/or save for future reference).


Complete the Stepfamily Stress Index (SSI) to determine:

   a) the organizational features of your stepfamily setting that are generating stress,

   b) how intense the stressors are that are impacting you, and how you express them, and

   c) the adequacy of your repertoire of skills for combating the stressors in your life and stepfamily.

Click here to take the SSI. 


Complete the Stepparent Survey (SPS) to:

   1) assess your stepfamily's present risk of breaking down,

   2) evaluate its development and needs across a broad array of pivotal tasks, and

   3) direct you towards specific strategies and resources appropriate for addressing any identified areas of need.


Click here to take the SPS.


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