Size Up Your Situation

Fact: People with high IQs spend much more time on defining a problem accurately. 

As a result, they usually spend much less time on fixing the problem.


Bill Nodrick, PhD & Bev Nodrick, RSW  2014


Be smart: 

It's next to impossible to fix a problem until: 

    a) you know precisely what the problem is, and 

    b) you have the appropriate resources to do the job that's required. 

The quizzes, surveys and tests described on this page will help you to identify issues of important concern in your stepfamily, and then provide you with, or point you to the specific tools, strategies and resources you need to address and resolve them.

Many of the resources that appear below, and many of those linked to this page, are provided as a free service to stepfamilies visiting this site. Those where a modest scoring fee is levied, were developed specifically for stepfamilies, and provided for the exclusive use of the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta  by Helpmetrics--a developer of the premium quality self-help resources.

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The Relationship Test (Free)

Unless your couple relationship is strong, it is very unlikely that your stepfamily will succeed.

  • See if your relationship is:

in good shape
in need of work, or
at risk of breaking down.

Click here to complete the Relationship Test


The Stress Test (Free)

Many stepfamily parents report dangerously high levels of stress. 

  • Complete the Stress Test to see if the stressors in your life are adequately managed, or if they are in need of attention.

Click here to complete the Stress Test


The Stepfamily Problem List (Free)

  • Complete the Stepfamily Problem List to see how the problems in your stepfamily compare to those in other stepfamilies.

Click here to complete the Stepfamily Problem List


The Stepparent Self Assessment (SSA) (Free)

  • Gauge how well you are progressing in the central aspects of the stepparent role.

Click here to complete the SSA


The Stepfamily Stress Index (SSI)  (Scoring Fee Applies)

  • Identifies the structural factors in your stepfamily that tend to generate stress

  • Evaluates the extent to which, and the ways in which these stressors are impacting you.

  • Assesses the presence and strength of the coping resources that are available to you to combat the stressors in your situation.

For each problem area identified, the SSI report provides you with a list of tried and true techniques, strategies and resources you can use to address and resolve the problems identified.

Click here to take the SSI


The Stepparent Survey (SPS) (Scoring Fee Applies)

The Stepparent Survey is most comprehensive measure of stepfamily functioning that is available today.

The SPS:

  • assesses your stepfamily's risk of breaking down,

  • compares your family to other similar stepfamilies across 15 vital areas of stepfamily functioning,

  • offers specific techniques, strategies and resources to address and resolve the problems occurring in any of these pivotal areas of stepfamily functioning.

Click here to take the SPS


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