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Weekend Cruise

Many cruise lines offer 3 night cruise deals. Make it a weekend date and take a weekend cruise together!


Overnight Hotel Date

Get a reservation for at a five star hotel and do everything the hotel has to offer from room service for breakfast to spa appointments to enjoying a pre-dinner drink in the lounge.


Day Trip

Take a day trip together to visit a city that's the name of a state or a city that is the name of a country. Whichever you choose, keep the theme going and take many day trips over time.


Visit Another City

Pick a nearby city that neither of you have been to and make a day trip of it. Explore the city, eat in the local diner's, and enjoy doing it together.


Drive to and Visit Another Country

For those living near another country, hop on over for a visit.


Visit Favourite Childhood Places

If you live near where you grew up, take your date on a tour of your favourite childhood places. As your visiting, ask her about her favourite childhood memories as well.


Bed & Breakfast Getaway

Find a romantic bed & breakfast and take a weekend getaway together.


Visit a "Mega" Mall

You can shop, eat, see a movie, and even ride the rides all in one day. Remember to use the photo machine to record the occasion. Have fun!


Weekend Getaway

Pick a location - any location - and go away together for the weekend. The important thing to remember her is that focusing on each other is more important that your location. Don't plan any activities, instead just go with the flow and you'll have a blast.


Visit a Small Town Festival

Check the local listings for local festivals and spend the afternoon browsing booths, eating junk food, and enjoying each other's company.


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