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Take a Hobby Class Together

Do you have a common hobby interest? Is there something you've both been itching to learn? Sign up for a class together! Not only will this be time spent together doing something fun, but it will carry over once the class is finished.



Take him/her to a local karaoke bar and get your groove on!


Visit a Children's Hospital

For an inspiring date idea, take him/her to a local children's hospital and visit with the kids.


Visit Each Other's Grandparents

Plan a lunch (or a weekend trip if they live in another state) and visit with each other's grandparents.


Volunteer Together

Contact habitat for humanity and work on a house build together or distribute food at a shelter or food kitchen. You'll enjoy your time together, while feeling great for helping with a great cause.


Have a Small Party

Plan a small party with a few of each of your close friends. It's a great way to introduce your closest friends and have a great time together. This date should be somewhat intimate so that you all can talk and have fun.


Visit a Nursing Home

Take your date to a local nursing home and play games with the elderly. Ask some of the residents for their wisdom on relationships.


Help at a Soup Kitchen

Volunteer together at a local soup kitchen passing out dinner's for the homeless.


Plan a Theme Party Together

Plan a theme party such as couples through the years, an 80's party, or even an Oscar's viewing party. You'll have fun planning it together and the party itself as well.


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