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Have a Picnic

Get together blanket and everything you need for a picnic. I cooked some food before I picked my date up. I took her to the beach just before the sunset, laid the blanket out, and started a little fire. We sat together and had the dinner I made, with a bottle of wine, as we watched the sun set in front of the fire.


Visit Waterfalls

Put together a map of nearby waterfalls and spend your day hiking to each of them. Bring along a picnic lunch and eat beside a waterfall.

Go Fishing in the Dark

Head out on a boat for romantic fishing in the dark by moonlight.

Go Snorkeling

Grab a snorkel and a mask and head out to feed and view the fish. After you're done snorkeling, enjoy a picnic together on the beach.

Go Fishing

Head out on a boat for an afternoon of fishing together. Bring along some wine and a picnic lunch.

Spa Night

Have a spa night together, complete with massages, oils, and sensual bubble baths.

Discount Store Toys

Go to a 24 hour discount store late at night and play with all the toys and chase each other around (with toy guns, etc.).

Garden Together

Get outdoors and dirty. Gardening is peaceful, relaxing, and a perfect activity to share with someone you love. If there's still a chill in the air where you live, move the gardening indoors. Plant something together and watch it grow, just like your love for each other. Awww. ;)


Go Ice Skating Together

Ice skating is fun whether it's at a rink or on an old fashioned frozen pond. Grab the skates and your sweetie for an active afternoon.

Football on TV

Pick up some takeout and cuddle on the couch during the game. For even more fun, turn the game into your own game. Sneak a kiss for every first down. Or, for every point scored, take a piece of clothing off.

Play Video Games

Spend the afternoon playing video games together. If you own a console, rent a few games from your local Blockbuster. If you don't have a console, you can rent them from your local store as well.

Wrestling Around

A fun date activity that often leads to more. ;) The key here is to be gentle!


Play Tag

Get outdoors and have a fun afternoon playing games together like tag or even hide and seek. Winner picks the restaurant for dinner.

Visit Fountains

Put together a map of all of the fountains in your city or a nearby bigger city then spend the afternoon visiting each fountain.

Bump with Bumper Boats

Most local amusement parks have bumper boat rides available. Have fun together splashing and spraying each other with water for the afternoon.

Cross Country Skiing

For the really active couple, head out for an afternoon of cross country skiing. When you get back in, enjoy a cup of hot cocoa together while you warm up and chat.

Go snow Skiing

If you're avid skiers, then this is already a given. For those that may not ski on a normal basis, head to the slopes for a day and take lessons together!

Race Remote Control Cars in the Park

Head to your local park and bring along a couple of remote control cars to race in a friendly game. Winner picks your lunch date.

Play Pool

Head to your local pub and play a friendly game or two of pool.

Play Darts

Get a dart board and play a friendly game together or head to your local pub and join in a game there.

Go Canoeing

Rent a canoe and row lazily along the river enjoy each other's company and some great conversation.

Take Out a Paddle Boat

Bring along a few sandwiches and head out for an afternoon on the lake in a paddle boat. If you can't take it for the afternoon, rent one for a couple of hours!

Get a Row Boat Ride

We're not talking about your standard rowing a boat down the river. Instead, rent a boat and a rower! While they row the boat, you and your honey can cuddle!

Play Paintball

For the active couple, check your Yellow Pages for a local paintball company. You'll have a blast - literally - together playing paintball.

Go Bowling

Head to the local lanes and play a few games together. Whoever gets the most strikes gets to pick dinner.

Go Snowmobiling

Bundle up for this action packed date. It's a major adrenaline rush that you share together. Afterwards, warm up with some hot cocoa and cuddling.

Play Frisbee

The nice thing about frisbee is that you can do it anywhere... Play in your backyard. Head to a local park for a picnic and a game. Or make an entire date of it and head to a Disc Golf course.

Dessert Date

Get together for a dessert date at home. Get the ingredients and create your sugary concoctions together. As you eat, dab some whipped cream on your date's nose. Turn it into a full fledged whipped cream fight and you'll have loads of fun with lots of laughing. The biggest benefit... when you're done, you can lick each other clean!

Dance the Night Away

Get your dancing shoes on and head out to a local club. Don't know how to dance? Take lessons together!

Tag... You're It!

Act like kids again with an old-fashioned game of tag in your backyard! Raise the stakes with a game of strip tag. Whenever you're 'tagged', a piece of clothing comes off.

Hit the Greens

Head out to the golf course for a day on the greens together. Not a golfer? Consider signing up for a lesson together.

Pillow Fight

Have your own little Pajama party, complete with a movie, popcorn, and a good old-fashioned pillow fight. The rumbling and tumbling is sure to turn up the heat!

Bicycle Built for Two

Bike riding is fun, but even better when you ride as a couple. You'll have fun seeing the sights while compromising and cooperating together.

Car Wash

Get Clean......with a twist! Spend the afternoon sudsing up and washing each other's cars! You'll get a chore done and have fun doing it! Reminder, suds are not just for cars. :)


Get bundled up and active together during an afternoon on the slopes. Not a snowboarder? Sign up for a lesson together!


Grab some snorkeling gear, some fish food (perhaps some day old bread), and head out to the beach. When you come up above water for a break, steal a kiss.


If you live near the coast, try taking a surfing class together. An afternoon riding the waves together with a lunch afterwards to chat makes for a fun and active date.

Boogie Board

Grab your boards and get your boogie on! Pack a picnic lunch, a couple of towels, and make a day of it at the beach. You'll have fun, thrilling day filled with laughing and talking.

Tube Down a River

Grab a couple of truck sized air tubes, a cooler full of drinks, and head down the river for an afternoon of sun, fun, and laughs.

Camp Out

Make it an overnight. Share your hopes and dreams by the campfire and then make a wish as you fall asleep in your sleeping bags under the stars.

Horseback Riding

Head out on the trails for some beautiful scenery, good conversation, and an overall fun afternoon. Bring along a picnic and stop for lunch along the way.

Miniature Golfing

Grab some pizza and then hit the links. Shake things up a bit by making a little wager. Whoever wins gets one wish granted by the loser.

Whitewater Rafting

For those into big thrills, head to the river for some whitewater rafting. You'll have a blast together, plus, it's a great way to find out how your date handles themselves under pressure.

Rake & Play

Have a little fun and get some yard work done at the same time! Grab a couple of rakes and then have a blast playing in your piles like kids. Fire up the grill for a little fall bbq when you're done.

Play Hopscotch

Get some chalk and play a friendly game of hopscotch. Add a little wager to spice things up... winner picks what you do for the rest of the afternoon.

Climb Trees

Let your inner child come out as you spend the afternoon together sharing a picnic lunch and climbing trees in the park together.

Play Broomball

Broomball is a fun team game similar to hockey, but without the ice, skates, and puck. For fun, you could play against each other, with a few friends, or even a quick game with a league.

Play Kick the Can

Grab an empty can play a game of kick the can, either against each other or with some friends. For instructions, click here.

Play Kickball

This would work best for a group date, but you could have a fun afternoon playing 1-on-1. Head to a local park for your game and take a picnic lunch along.


Head to a local water park for a fun day in the sun. Slip, slide, and splash your way to love down the various slides and lazy rivers.


It doesn't matter where you do it: river, lake, beach, or pool. Bring along some sandwiches and drinks and spend a fun afternoon in the water.

Moped Riding

Get closer on a moped as you take a drive through the country. You'll get great views and great conversation. Make a stop at a local diner in a small town for a bite to eat.

Driving Range

Head to the driving range to practice your swing! You'll have fun together and guys, you can show off your skills. A date on the links offers opportunity to talk as well.

Golf Games

Head to the links for an afternoon of golfing together. Grab a cart (let her drive if she wants!) and spend the afternoon having fun together.

Play Softball

Grab a group of friends and spend the afternoon playing softball together. It's a fun, active date with lots of laughing and opportunities for talking. If you're a competitive person, keep the competitiveness at bay for the day. If you're looking for ongoing dating opportunities, join a softball league together!

Play Touch Football

Touch football (also called "flag football") makes for another great group date. When you go to grab his/her flag, get them down in a tackle (gentle!) and give them a kiss.

Jet Ski

Are you really adventurous? Rent a couple of jet skis (or share one) for the afternoon and have fun together playing in the water.

Go Sledding

Bundle up for an afternoon in the snow. When you're done sledding, share a cup of hot cocoa and good conversation.

Work Out Together

Head to the gym and work out together. You'll get a workout for not only your body, but your relationship as well!

Build a Snowman

Bundle up and head outside to build a snowman, or even a snow couple, together!

Make Snow Angels

After a romantic dinner, bundle up and head outside to make snow angels together by moonlight.

Singing in the Rain

Let your inner child out by taking a walk, hand-in-hand, through the rain sans umbrella. Singing isn't required, but fun conversation is a must.

Play Racquetball

Work out a sweat together playing a fast paced game of racquetball. You'll have fun together and get a great workout at the same time.


Put up a net in your backyard or at a local park for a fun one-on-one game of badminton. If you don't have a net, you can pick one up at a local discount store for under $20.

Go-Carting for Love

Find a local amusement park that offers go-cart courses and have a fun evening racing each other around the track. Winner gets to pick the rest of the date.

Play Beach Volleyball

Spend the day in the sand playing a friendly game of beach volleyball together.

Have a Snowball Fight

What's more fun than a friendly snow fight that leads to friendly wrestling and kissing. Loser gives the winner hot cocoa and kisses.

Go Kayaking

For big thrills, find a local whitewater company and go kayaking down the river.

Walk Your Dog(s)

Let Fido join you on a walk -- perfect for any season. You'll enjoy conversation, company, fun, and romance. Plus, it's a great chance for your dogs to get to know each other.

Walk a Friend's Dog

Don't have a dog? Take a friend's dog out on a walk with you! Dogs make great companions and provide lots of entertainment on your walk.

Hide and Seek

Play like kids with a fun game of hide and seek together. Tell her to hide and you'll seek. Each time the seeker finds the person hiding, they get a sensual kiss.

Ice Skating

Strap on the skates and hit the ice together! After you finish, enjoy a hot cup of cocoa and some great conversation.

Go Roller Blading

Enjoy the warm weather by strapping on the blades and hitting the local park for some exhilarating roller blading.

Play Disc Golf

It's an up-and-coming sport that will have you both in a friendly competition. The game plays like golf with par on the course, but you throw a disc (similar to a traditional frisbee) rather than swing a club. You do need to get a couple of disc's at a local sporting goods store before you hit the course.

Build Models

Get a model (car, airplane, etc) from your local crafts store and spend the afternoon putting it together. It requires strategy and patience, both necessary in a relationship.

Puddle Jump in the Rain

What's more fun that acting like a kid again? If you're expecting rain, grab the galoshes and puddle jump together!

Play Tennis

Grab the rackets and hit the courts for a lively game of tennis. End the game with a kiss over the net.

Play Volleyball

Skip the beach this time and play volleyball in your backyard or at a local park. You can get a set at a local discount store for under $20.

Bike Riding for Love

Take your bikes out for an afternoon ride. Don't have bikes? Rent a couple! Find a park, path, or trail nearby and enjoy the weather, scenery, and companionship.

Go Water-Skiing

If you're water person and have a boat -- or know someone who does -- get the ski's out and enjoy an exhilarating afternoon of water skiing.

Go Sailing

Spend the day sailing -- or taking a sailing lesson if you don't already know how. A day on the water together will have you swaying in each other's arms.


For big thrill seekers, go parasailing!

Go to a Playground

Play like children again on the slides and teeter totter, then take turns pushing each other on the swings.

Go to an Amusement Park

Have full day of jam-packed fun. Ride the coasters and try for a kiss right as you're headed down a large drop. Squeeze tight as you get wet together on a water ride. It's non-stop, all day fun.

Play Laser Tag

You can find a local laser tag venue or buy a nerf laser tag set to play at home!

Rock Climb

Many local amusement parks have rock climbing walls that you can have fun with. Make it a friendly competition and the winner buys the other a drink.

Play Basketball

Shoot some hoops -- either a one-on-one game or a friendly game of HORSE.

Fly a Kite

A romantic springtime picnic, a bottle of wine, and fun flying a kite. What better way to spend a romantic afternoon?

Take a Helicopter Ride

See the sites of your area with a helicopter ride over the city. Check with your local visitor's center for tourism companies that offer helicopter rides.

Go Deep Sea Fishing

For a unique day on the water, find a local company that offers deep sea fishing.

Go Scuba Diving

If you're licensed, go out on a dive together. If not, take a lesson together!


Get a croquet set from a local sporting goods store and play a friendly game in your backyard.

Go Hiking

Take a picnic along and spend the day hiking to waterfalls or other sites. Find 30,000 hikes and unlimited maps at

Garden Together

Pick flowers and plants together at your local garden center, then head home to plant them together. You'll enjoy the fruits of your labor for years to come. Guys, as you finish, pick one of the flowers and give it to her along with a kiss.


Bounce and jump your way into each other's hearts on a trampoline.

Play Capture the Flag

This works best for a group date, but it definitely makes for a fun afternoon together. For instructions on how to play capture the flag, visit this page.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt

Put together a list of things that you must find in your scavenger hunt. It can b things around your house or things around an entire town. Whoever finishes first gets to ... well, you decide!

Have a Water Balloon Fight

Splash the afternoon away in your backyard with a friendly water balloon fight.

Play in a Sprinkler

Beat the heat with this fun summer date. Put a couple of sprinkler's in your backyard and splash away!

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride

It's hard to beat a hot air balloon ride, especially at sunrise or sunset, when it comes to romance.

Visit a Water Park

Slip and slide your way to romance at a local water park.

Go Go-Kart Racing

Race around the track a few times. Make it a friendly competition and decide on a prize ahead of time for the winner.


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