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Course Selection Guide  

Use this guide to determine which of our current offerings will suit your stepfamily's needs and circumstances best.

 Stepfamily Dynamics

The Stepfamily Dynamics is a free 2.0 hour introduction into the many and complex issues that characterize stepfamilies and stepfamily life.


Consider registering for Stepfamily Dynamics:

  • to assess the extent your stepfamily is "in the grip" of typical stepfamily issues and concerns,

  • to decide if one of our course offerings will meet your family's needs.

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 Building Stepfamilies That Work

Building Stepfamilies That Work is a course for couples who are:

  • living in a stepfamily, or contemplating starting a stepfamily, and

  • who are comfortable with learning and working in a small group setting.

Importantly, this course requires a commitment: to attend regular weekly classes, complete all exercises assigned, and participate during in-class exercises and discussions.

Consider this option if:

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 The Stepfamily Intensive

The Stepfamily Intensive is essentially the Building Stepfamilies That Work course tailored to the needs of a single couple. The Stepfamily Intensive should be considered if:

  • your results on the Stepfamily Problem List indicate the problems your family is experiencing are more extensive and/or more intensive than is true for other stepfamilies, and/or

  • your family is experiencing many Stepfamily Specific Problems,

  • either or both members of the couple are uneasy working in a group setting

  • work and/or other schedules are incompatible with attending the regular, weekly Building Stepfamilies That Work classes, and/or

  • other members of the stepfamily, or extended family, would like to, or need to attend.

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 When HE Has Kids … and You Don’t

When HE Has Kids...and You Don't is:

  • a course specifically designed for women who have never had a biological child of their own, who are

  • currently living in, or contemplating entering into a stepfamily union.

The women living in this form of a stepfamily are generally seen as having the most challenging of all stepfamily roles because they must confront the difficulties that characterize stepfamily life at the same time they are being confronted with “instant motherhood”. Not surprisingly, this form of a stepfamily has a very high risk of breaking down.


The distinguishing features of this course are:  


  • Extensive peer support: Attendees benefit greatly from the understanding and support of other women living under similar circumstances. Classes typically continue to meet as a natural support group following the course.  
  • A clear focus on skill development—particularly in response to demands and expectations associated with “instant motherhood”.
  • Identification and development of viable stepmothering roles.

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  Individual, Couple and Stepfamily Counselling

This is a service option that is tailored to the particular needs and concerns of the individual, couple, stepfamily and/or the extended stepfamily.


  Consider this option:

  • if you or your partner are unable or unwilling to attend Building Stepfamilies That Work or the Stepfamily Intensive,

  • you are heading a “single parent” stepfamily, or

  • for a consultation regarding a specific stepfamily problem or concern.

Still unsure? Following are several resources that should be of help:

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   Relationship First Aid

Relationship First Aid is a home-study program that has proven to work exceptionally well for couples who are planning to start a new stepfamily as well as for those who are already living in a stepfamily union.

Consider this option:

  • if your Relationship Test results indicate that a program such as Relationship First Aid is warranted

  • if you and/or your partner are unable to attend regularly scheduled sessions with a counsellor, or

  •  either of you would feel uncomfortable working with a professional on any areas of concern for your relationship.

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   Discipline With Dignity

Discipline With Dignity is a home-study program that:

  • teaches you how to accurately analyze and effectively resolve persistent behaviour problems, and

  • how to set the stage to bring out the best behaviour in the kids under your care.

This guide will help you decide if Discipline With Dignity is a good fit with your needs:

  Still unsure? Following are several resources that should help you to decide between our various offerings:

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  Teleconference and Videoconference Sessions

  • These are highly individualized options to consider when significant distances separate the involved parties.

  • Teleconferences, that only require access to a telephone, are usually arranged after regular business hours. Special provisions are required when more than four individuals (including the counselor) will be involved.

Note: Videoconferences require: 1) Access to a computer equipped with a microphone and a web cam, 2) compatible videoconference software (e.g., Skype), and 3) a high speed Internet connection.

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 Building Successful Stepfamilies Workshops

  • These half-day workshops provide intensive group learning experiences that focus upon selected topics of important concern for stepfamilies. Through structured exercises and discussions, participants achieve an in-depth understanding of the topic under consideration, and work together to develop an array of practical strategies to address problems that are likely to emerge.

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