Survey: In the Movies - Roles


The Request: Carman Crowe, a famous writer and director, discloses to you that he has been struggling horribly with the details for his next movie. Specifically, he tells you that he has been commissioned to produce a dramatic, but very realistic script that is based upon family relations. The problem is that he has been unable to decide "who should play what part".

He knows he needs:

  • at least one major hero (or heroine),
  • two or more minor heroes (or heroines),
  • at least one major antihero (or antiheroine), and
  • one or more minor antiheroes (or antiheroines).

He asks for your assistance. You agree to help him.

The Materials: He leads you into his study, and asks you to sit at his desk. On the desk is a row of four small ballot boxes. The box on the extreme left is marked with two minus signs ( - - ) and has the words "major antiheros" written upon it. Its nearest neighbour is marked with a single minus sign ( - ) and has the words "minor antiheros" written upon it. The third box is marked with a single plus sign (+) and the words "minor heroes". The box on the extreme right has two plus signs ( + + ) and says "major heroes".

The Task: He picks up a deck of 16 cards from the desk. Each card has a phrase typed on it, like "foster parent" or "cousin", that represents a specific family role. He shuffles the deck vigorously and then hands it to you while providing the following instructions:

"Work your way through the deck, one card at a time. Start with the card on top. Read it silently, and then consider what the role depicted means to you. Take as much time as you need to come to the most realistic appraisal possible given your personal experiences and thoughts. Then place that card into one of these four boxes to show how you feel someone in that role should be cast in the movie. The only restriction is that every box must end up with at least one card in it."


First, complete Part 1 to show your gender, age and stepfamily history.

Then complete Part 2 to show which roles you would assign to each of the individuals depicted.

There are no "right" or "wrong" answers. Every item requires a response from you. All of the information you provide is completely anonymous.


PART 1: Demographic Information:  

  1. Indicate your gender  and your age 

  2. Are you currently living in a stepfamily?:

  3. Have you lived in a stepfamily in the past?:

PART 2: Assigning Roles: Select the role that best fits the individual depicted.

  1. Adoptive Father:

  2. Adoptive Mother:

  3. Adoptive Son:

  4. Adoptive Daughter:

  5. Biological Father:

  6. Biological Mother:

  7. Biological Son:

  8. Biological Daughter:

  9. Foster Father:

  10. Foster Mother:

  11. Foster Son:

  12. Foster Daughter:

  13. Stepfather:

  14. Stepmother:

  15. Stepson:

  16. Stepdaughter:


That's it. Now hit the "Submit" button once to send your answers to the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta. In a few seconds you will receive a confirmation message indicating if your answers were successfully transmitted. 



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