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Several forms of support are available through the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta. The current offerings include:
  • Peer Telephone Support
  • Structured Support Groups
  • Informal Support Groups, 
  • Formal Support Groups, and
  • Ask an Expert


Peer Telephone Support:  Foundation volunteers (who have all completed one or more of our courses) are available to provide telephone support to individuals needing an opportunity to: discuss their particular concerns, get some ideas, or do some brainstorming. 

To access this free service, call the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta [(403) 245-5744], and state that you would like to connect with a Telephone Support volunteer. Leave your telephone number and several times when the volunteer will be able to reach you by phone.


Structured Support Groups:  Structured support groups are held once each month, ten months of the year month (September through June) at the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta. These groups are run by and for our course graduates. Each session involves a formal presentation of information that is followed by a problem-solving forum, and time for informal discussion or collaboration with fellow graduates.

To access this resource, call the Foundation [(403) 245-5744] and register.

Informal Support Groups:  Participants in our courses frequently form their own support groups with other individuals/couples taking the same course. This is particularly true of women taking our When HE Has Kids...and You Don't course. The Foundation does not play an active part in these groups, but may assist by posting and/or hosting a video conference meeting, etc.

Distance Support Groups:  In the very near future, the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta will add an international directory of support groups for stepfamily members. 

If you would like to have it included in our directory, email us.


Ask an Expert: Each day of the week, our professional staff will reply to one or more questions forwarded to the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta by stepfamilies needing advice.

Click here to learn how to submit a question to Ask an Expert.


More Information: Call (403) 245-5744 or email us if you would like more information regarding the supports available from the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta.


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