Support Group Directory

An Invitation from the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta 


A New Service for Stepfamilies:  

In the very near future, the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta ( will add a directory of support groups for stepfamily members under the Resources section of the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta web site. You are invited to apply for inclusion into this directory. To apply, simply complete and submit the form that appears below.

Why Participate? 

  • To dramatically increase the numbers attending your group(s): The Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta web site receives thousands of "hits" each month from stepfamilies in need of assistance. Substantial numbers of these stepfamilies report that they know of no services in their area that cater specifically to the needs of stepfamilies. Your listing in the directory will bring these families directly to you.

What will it cost? 

  • It's free. Our aim is to support stepfamilies and those who work with them by bringing stepfamilies-in-need together with individuals, groups, organizations and agencies who are able to help them. All we ask is that you include a link to on your web site.

Is this a one time offer? 

  • No. All completed applications received, validated* and approved* within the next 30 days will appear in the initial launch of the directory. Applications received after the 30-day deadline will not be considered for inclusion until the next quarterly update. 

*Please note:

1. Completing this application does not assure an inclusion into the directory.

2. Every application will be screened for suitability before being considered for inclusion.

3. The Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta reserves the right to include, exclude, revise and/or delete any and all entries appearing in the directory.

4. No information about your group will be posted until your application is complete.


Please supply the following information for inclusion in the directory. All fields require a response.


1. Type the name of your organization:


2. Type the city/town where you are located:


3. Type the province/state and country where you are located: (Please do not use abbreviations.)


4. Select all of the following groups that you serve: (Hold the control key to make or remove multiple selections.)




5. Indicate the type of support you provide: (Hold the control key to make or remove multiple selections.)



6. State any unique features or characteristics of your group(s) (or type n/a):


7. Indicate the costs involved:  (Hold the control key to make or remove multiple selections.) 


8. Do you have a website for your group?



9.. If you do have a website, provide the URL (i.e., the web address) that links most directly to information about your group(s):


10. How do you want potential group members to contact you?


11. Please supply the email address, URL, telephone number and/or mailing address where you want potential group members to contact you.


Contact information: Information in this section will not be posted in your listing.

12. Provide the name of a contact person:


13. Provide an email address for contact person:


14. Retype the email address for the contact person:


15. If you have a website, please provide the URL where a link to the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta (http:// has been or will be placed on that site:

Finally, to prevent webbots from using this site to send spam, type the answer to this question in the following text box: l0 + l =

That's all!

Please note: A working link to the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta web ( on your web site would be very much appreciated. Thank you.



In general, within 5 to 10  seconds, a message will appear to confirm that your information was successfully transmitted and received by the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta. However, when the volume of traffic is very high, the wait can become somewhat longer. Please be patient.


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