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Following is an email message about the stepparenting styles research study. You are welcome to modify, copy, paste and send it to any parents you feel would be interested.

  Thanks for your help. We really appreciate it.

The Research Team


The Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta


Hi ____________:

I'm contacting you about a research study by the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta. Its goals are: a) to identify Stepparenting styles that develop naturally in stepfamilies, b) to determine which of these styles are the most effective, and c) to figure out how to improve the less effective ones. While stepparents are the primary focus of this study, comparative information from biological, adoptive and foster parents is needed as well.

If you can spare a few minutes to assist with this research, you could make an important contribution by:

1)     (anonymously) completing the questionnaire (that's at the heart of the study) yourself,

2)     encouraging your partner to complete the questionnaire, and/or

3)     forwarding this message to all of the parents on your email list, to invite them to do the same.


It takes about 30 minutes to answer the questionnaire. The first 500 people completing it will receive a prepublication copy of Tools to Master Four Essential Stepfamily Tasks. It details:


         four central tasks that every stepfamily must confront and master in order to succeed, and

         provides a step-by-step recipe for getting the job done.


The reviews on this information are clear: It is absolutely essential information for any stepfamily that is struggling.


If you can spare the time, simply click on to the first link below to get started. If not, no problem.








Click here to begin the Stepparent Survey questionnaire.




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