Stages of the Stepfamily

2009 Bev Nodrick, RSW


Is your stepfamily developing normally?  

To become a close-knit, well functioning family unit, all stepfamilies must pass through a number of distinctly different, developmental stages. Each of these stages has its own unique characteristics and demands. To a considerable degree, the challenges and demands of each of these stages must be 'mastered' before the family will be able to progress on to the next stage, and advance towards becoming a solid, well functioning family unit. Unfortunately, because these stages and the tasks they present often seem unclear and puzzling, stepfamilies are at considerable risk of becoming  "stuck" in one or more of these stages.

How can you tell if your stepfamily is "stuck"?

Is life at your house full of stress and conflict? Does it seem like your family has been struggling with the same issues over and over again -- but without making any real progress? Are you feeling there is no hope? If so, it's very likely that your family has become "stuck" in one of these developmental stages.

How do we get "unstuck"?

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Download and watch 'Stages of the Stepfamily'.

This remarkably informative and helpful video is an essential instruction manual and road map for guiding your family forward.



In everyday language it:

  • paints and overview of the critical developmental stages of the stepfamily,

  • details the specific challenges each stage presents,

  • maps out how long it should take you to negotiate each of these stages,

  • describes problems and conflicts likely to appear in each stage,

  • defines the roles and responsibilities that must be fulfilled in each stage,

  • specifies the goals that must be accomplished to progress to the next stage, and

  • spells out practical solutions to address each of the required tasks and resolve those persistent problems.

In summary, Stages of the Stepfamily tells you:

  • where you are now,
  • where you need to be next, and
  • how to get there.

Download "Stages of the Stepfamily" now for $9.95 CDN


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