Professional Consultation


Under the following conditions, the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta will provide a limited number of free video consultations to counselling professionals working with stepfamilies:

  • All consultation times must be prearranged.
  • All consultations must occur by way of videoconference.
  • All consultations must occur on equipment compatible with that employed by the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta.
  • The professional seeking the consultation (PSC) must have the written consent of all members of the stepfamily of interest who are of the age of majority.
  • Without disclosing any identifying information about the family, the PSC must provide a clinical summary of the family's background, their current status, and a clear statement of the purpose for the consultation.
  • The PSC must agree to have the consultation recorded.
  • The PSC must agree to appear in the recording.
  • The PSC must a) acknowledge that the information provided as the consultation is only to be used if, in his/her judgment, it is appropriate for the family of interest and its circumstances, and b) grant that neither the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta, its staff, nor its officers will be held responsible for any untoward outcomes associated with his/her use of the consultation information provided.  
  • Finally, the PSC must grant the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta unrestricted use of the video and audio recordings of the consultation for its own training and other purposes.

Contact us by email or telephone (403) 245-5744 to arrange a suitable time for a consultation and to ensure equipment compatibility.


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