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   The Stepfamily Stress Index (SSI)

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The SSI was designed to assess fourteen different areas that are important for the effective functioning of individuals living in a stepfamily setting.


The results it provides:

a) enable us to quickly and accurately identify specific factors causing personal and family stress so that

b) effective interventions can be prescribed to relieve those stressors.


In total, there are 140 test items that span four parts:


    Part 1 asks a few questions about the membership of your stepfamily. 

    Part 2 looks at a number of specific stepfamily situations [60 questions].

    Part 3 focuses upon the way these situations impact you [40 questions].

    Part 4 examines the strategies you use in various situations [40 questions].


How do I complete it? 

1) Click on the link below to start the survey. 

2) Answer each of the questions as indicated. 

3) When you have finished the last question, hit the “Submit” button to forward your answers for scoring.


Should my partner and I complete the SSI together? 

If you and your partner both decide to complete the SSI, we prefer that each of you complete it independently, because the differences between your answers will help us to understand your family and circumstances much better.


How long does it take to complete the SSI? 

Most people are able to complete the SSI within 15 to 20 minutes.

Please Note: The report of your SSI results will only be available from your Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta counsellor or course instructor. If you do not currently have a counsellor, or are not enrolled in one of our courses, it will be necessary to book an appointment with one of our stepfamily specialists to receive the interpretation of your SSI results.

Click here to take the SSI




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