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Not Feeling Successful?


It's difficult to feel successful without being clear on what the success you desire success "looks like". 

To feel successful as a stepfamily, you need to have some clear measures of stepfamily success.


Below, list five measures of success for your stepfamily. Start with the thing that's most important to you, and work your way down to the least important.

For each, show how much more happy you will be when that goal is achieved.

All fields require a response.

After you hit the "Show Me" button, we'll  show you how to transform your statements into your reality.


My Five Measures of Success are:


1b) When this goal is achieved I'll be




2b) When this goal is achieved I'll be




3b) When this goal is achieved I'll be




4b) When this goal is achieved I'll be




5b) When this goal is achieved I'll be



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