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Family Meetings

Dr. Bill Nodrick 2000

Family meetings are important because they:

  • Bring people together on a regular basis to participate in family decision making and problem solving. 

  • Reinforce the leadership roles and effective co-parenting.

  • Introduce structure over chaos.

  • Help kids feel secure because they know someone is in charge.

  • Provide a forum where expectations, roles, rules, routines, and rewards/consequences can be spelled out and revised as necessary.

  • Provide a forum for voicing concerns and addressing issues (vs. letting them stew until they explode).

  • Provide an opportunity for feelings to be validated.

  •  Provide a time when efforts and contributions are acknowledged.

  • Provide an opportunity to develop solutions.

  • Build closeness, participation, and a sense of belonging.

  • Underscore the importance of the family unit and your commitment to making it work.

Meeting Parameters:

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