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Dealing With the Ex: A Video Guide 


Bill Nodrick, PhD and Bev Nodrick RSW 2014




Having to deal with a problematic prior spouse typically ranks as one of the top three problems stepfamily couples encounter--and it's often cited as "problem number one" by many stepfamily couples.


Problems with a prior spouse tend to be multi-levelled. Because of this, they usually require a comprehensive strategy, combined with a real commitment to follow an action plan for a considerable period of time in order to succeed.


There are a number of books that offer some useful ideas. However, we have not yet found a single source that provides the breadth and depth of information and guidance that problems with a prior spouse often require. The best of these sources are listed here on the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta website, along with a number of free downloadable "Dos and Don'ts" that we have prepared over the years.


Because "dealing with the ex" is such an important, but poorly understood area of concern -- that literally can put your relationship and stepfamily at risk -- our staff is presently hard at work preparing a comprehensive video guide that will:

  • outline the typical difficulties problematic prior spouses present,

  • reveal the essential dynamics underlying these problems, and

  • define specific and practical strategies to address and resolve them.


If this is a resource you need, email us, and we will notify you as soon as it becomes available for sale.


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