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WHHK colour logo  When HE Has Kids ... and You Don't

A course for:  Women who have never had children of their own and are currently involved in, or anticipating entering into a relationship with a partner who already has a child (or children) from a previous relationship.

Course focus:  Understanding and addressing the many and complex demands of "instant (step)motherhood".

Enrolment:  Maximum of 8 participants.

Duration:  8 weeks, one 2.0 hour session each week.

Dates:  On-going.

Tuition$700 per person.

Presenter:  Bev Nodrick, RSW, who is widely recognized as the world's leading authority on stepmoms who have never had a child of their own.

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Registration Advanced registration and a deposit are required to secure your place in this remarkably helpful course.

Call: (403) 245.5744 to register.


Registered Students:

Registered Students:


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