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How to Build a


With a Stepchild


© 2008 Bill Nodrick, PhD and Bev Nodrick, RSW

Getting oriented to the task: Deep, caring, affectionate relationships develop slowly. Sharing experiences (good and bad), “working through” countless points of difficulty, and the simple passage of time are all required. So, if you are trying to build a relationship with your stepchild, you will need to be patient. It will help to remind yourself: “This is much too important to rush.”

A reality check: You are quite unlikely to develop the same feelings for a stepchild that you have for your own biological child. The feelings that emerge towards your stepchild may be very positive and strong, but they are almost certainly going to be different from the feelings you have for your biological child—and that’s OK. There are many ways to love. For example, you love your parents differently than you love your partner, correct? The same applies here.

It's important to discuss...

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