Greeting Cards

Greeting cards have been around for a long time--and for good reason. Sometimes, a greeting card is the only thing that will give you a chance of escaping the dog house. At other times, the right greeting card will "sweep your partner right off her feet" and into your arms.

Here are four 'tried and true' greeting cards you can print out. They all have the same cover page (as shown). The text (which is nicely formatted on the card you will print out) reads as shown in the boxes immediately below.


Cover Page Little Things* Teach Me*


I just thought I'd let you know that I was thinking about you--and the things that you do that I think are so sweet...things you aren't even aware of...things that others might never appreciate--even if they were to observe them, as I have. Things you do naturally...things I would never spoil by telling you what they are.




Will you tell me how to love you?

Will you show me all the ways?

Will you teach me how to love you?

Will you start with me today?



Cover Page Date Invitation* My Partner in Life*

Dear _____________:


Could I have the pleasure of your company on a date?


Day: _____________

Time: ____________ __AM  __PM



__ It's a surprise!

__ _________________________



__ Casual            __ Formal

__ Semi formal     __ Other


With love,

To My Partner In Life:

You are certainly a wonderful mother, stepmother and wife.

I am so happy to be able to share my life with you.

With love,

* (c) Silver Tongue Greeting Cards

You can print these cards out on a normal (8.5 x 11 inch) sheet of paper. Just click on the title to get a printer friendly version. There are guide lines to help you fold them neatly.

Keep in mind that your partner is very likely to value a card that you made especially for her much more than a purchased one. However, you mustn't forget to sign it. Most women won't react well to any card that is given to them unsigned.

Application: Try leaving the card in a conspicuous place so she'll find it and then have some time to reflect on it before you are back on the scene. With luck, the passage in the card will help her to open up her heart to you. So, be ready to use the opportunity that materializes to heal any hurts and/or strengthen your relationship with her.

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