Support for Stepmothers


    Support for Stepmothers

Stepfamily life can be difficult for everyone involved. However, it is widely believed that the most difficult of all stepfamily roles is the role of a stepmother who has never had a biological child of her own. Because the demands of this role are unique, most women in this situation benefit greatly from the support of other women who are living under similar circumstances.

  • Since 1999 the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta has been providing a course—called When He Has Kids…And You Don’t — that focuses exclusively upon the needs of these women.

  • If you live in the Calgary area and would like to attend the next session of When He Has Kids…And You Don’t, call (403-245-5744), or email the Stepfamily Foundation for the particulars.

  • If you live outside of the Calgary region, but would like to learn about support options available through the Foundation, please email, or call us (403-245-5744).

  • Click here to learn about some of our new service options.



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