Q & A: Same-Sex Stepfamily Issues



I am inquiring about your stepfamily courses and wondering whether you address same-sex partners and their families. If you do, could you please provide me with additional information?


Our experience over the years with same-sex couples in stepfamilies is that their issues are remarkably similar to the issues heterosexual couples have. The dynamics of the stepfamily are very strong and tend to create the same types of problems irrespective of the people involved.

One point of difference is that same-sex couples are a lot more cautious about signing on for a course because they are very concerned that their particular issues may not be addressed or, if they are addressed, that they will take from the interests of the others in the group. 

Another point to consider is the fact that we do spend a fair bit of time talking about gender-based differences in communication patterns. One could refer to them as pattern A and B, but we do follow the traditional nomenclature. 

Finally, the Stepfamily Intensive is an option that we have developed for stepfamilies that are unable to commit to a regular course time, have special needs, or are uncomfortable working in a small group setting. The Stepfamily Intensive covers all of the same topics as Building Stepfamilies That Work, but, because only one couple (i.e., you and your partner) is involved, we are able to place more emphasis on the spots where you are having more difficulty.

Regarding start dates: Because the Stepfamily Intensive is booked to suit your schedule, it is possible to start it at any time. 



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