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Dr. Bill Nodrick 2008

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1. How can I tell if the problems we are having are a product of stepfamily dynamics or something else?

2. How can I deal with a prior spouse who buys the kids everything and refuses to put them under any rules?

3. What is Parental Alienation Syndrome?

4. Do your courses on stepfamilies deal with same-sex issues?

5. Any advice regarding stepmother bathing with stepdaughter?

6. Will my plan to blend our families damage my kids?

7. How do we prevent alienating each other when our kids have step-sibling problems? 

8. Can you help me with my dilemma?

9. How should we deal with my stepson's birthday?

10. What parental rights do you think a stepparent should have over the natural parent's child?

11. Should we be expected to automatically love our partner's child?  How should we handle that pressure we put on ourselves; or that we may feel from our spouses?  Should we compare the love we feel for our own children to the love we feel for our stepchildren?


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