Building Successful Stepfamilies



Building Successful Stepfamilies - Workshops: is an on-going series of workshops for stepfamilies that is hosted by the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta. Each workshop focuses upon a topic of general interest to stepfamily members, with the goal of identifying practical strategies to reduce and/or eliminate the difficulties typically associated with that topic.

Up and Coming Workshops

Tools for Resolving a Collision Course  Date: TBA

Stepfamily members typically hold one of three different agendas that place them on a collision course with other members of the stepfamily. In this workshop you will learn:


1) what these agendas are,

2) who holds them and why, and

3) exactly what you need to do to prevent the conflict they produce.


Participants will work extensively in a small group setting.

Enrolment is limited.

For reservations call: (403) 245-5744 or email us.


Should We Wed?  Date: TBA


Participants in this workshop will examine:


1) if and when stepfamily couples should consider marriage vs. formalizing their partnership agreement, and

2) the steps and strategies available to them to use in support of their chosen option.


A summary of this workshop will soon be available for free to anyone completing our Stepparenting Styles Questionnaire.



Recent Workshops


Tools to Master 4 Essential Stepfamily Tasks


In this workshop participants:


1) learned the four tasks every stepfamily must confront and master in order to succeed, and

2) worked with others to develop a range of practical strategies to confront and master these essential tasks.  


A summary of this workshop is now available for free to anyone who completes our Stepparenting Styles Questionnaire.

Second Wives' Symposium on Finances


Erin Walter, wealth specialist, author, TV personality, and stepmom will detail what every stepmom needs to know about stepfamily finances.


Sponsored by Grant Thornton and the Stepfamily Foundation of Alberta


Call (403) 245-5744 or  email us to reserve a spot in the next  workshop, or if you would like to be notified as each booklet in this series becomes available.

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